Saturday, 14 November 2015

Salesman poem

6K out of a 4K deal
By John Stiles

I was not really expecting anything,
When Joe said concentrate on Paul
For now so I called London. It wasn’t
That bad even though I gave Joe

The architecture books from the Swiss
Air Flight he won’t encourage me
To work with Bill! I guess it makes
Him look like he doesn’t have anything

Special going on in the office if anyone
Can get a decent sized deal off Bill?
I’m not that curious about these salesman
Nor do I care what they get up to late at
Night in Sau Paulo or Valetta?

My interest is in making it into the Barbican
Library and get off the street, you wouldn’t
Believe how it looks to see a red-faced, bald
Salesman coming up some street at a clip

With a deal in his hand, even with a thousand
Dollar suit on you know he lives in hotels.  No
Missus back home says Pete from behind
 His desk over in the corner, but you, you

Will get 6K out of a 4 K deal with him
Better than a kick up the ass and the 20 quid
L won’t  bother to pay you, you wonder too
how much patience does he have for this sort of thing.

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